Monday, March 31, 2014

Trifecta: El Fin

We are, admittedly, having a hard time with this.

We've read your latest posts over and over, exchanged our favorites, whittled and debated, but we haven't made much progress at all in choosing three winners.  Again.

To be fair, judging was never the best part of this site.  It certainly was never the easiest.  It's difficult, and some have publicly argued, unfair, ridiculous, pointless, and hurtful.  Perhaps.  It's definitely capricious.  There was never a rubric for judging, though there was, at one point, talk of creating one.  A lot of the same people won over and over again.  We were accused of favoritism, sexism, and even laziness.  In the end, though, we all knew where those feelings came from.  It sucks to lose.  It's downright awful to feel as though your work didn't measure up against the guy sitting next to you.

We hope now, as we close our doors, that you will really listen and truly believe what we've been telling you for the past 2 1/2 years, that each of you contributed something equally important and absolutely crucial to this community.  There's the woman who tirelessly, selflessly cheered the rest of us on.  There's the guy who turns every other writer in the room into a sister, a brother, a friend.  There's the one with all the amazing photos that make us think.  There are people, not a small number of them, who supported Trifecta just to support its editors.  There are the habitual late-linkers and the habitual early-linkers, those who gave us illustrated hilarity and those who regularly offered up poetic genius.  We have loved the talented quirk, the inspired innovation, the soul-crushing honesty, the depth and the wit.

Over two and a half years, we developed internet crushes on guys whose writing makes us weak in the knees.  We've blushed while vehemently cheering on some saucier links.  We've been grateful warehouses for the words of some seriously intelligent, courageousstrong women.  Artists, in the truest sense of the word.  We have been floored by your generosity, sense of community, dedicationsupport, authenticity, and respect.

We feel creepily protective over our newer, younger writers.  There were so many of you we wanted to know better.  A year is a long time, two and a half years even longer, but it's still never enough.  You know, we always asked for your blood.  We know it isn't always easy to spill.

We were honored to have played a small role in developing serialized awesomeness.  We laughed every. single. time. you guys asked for more words or left us hanging with what we gave you.  Some jokes never get old.

You let us in.  You trusted us with your secrets.  Our real goal for Trifecta was to offer a safe space for people who had words to share, and you guys made it so.  We hope you take that and spread it far.  The internet needs more Trifectans, and we are so excited to see what comes next for each of you.

Goodbyes suck almost as much as losing.  It is going to feel awful to miss you, but we hope we won't need to.  Please use the linkup below to leave whatever you want to leave, as many times as you need to leave it.  If you have a challenge you want people to know about, please leave that information here. If you want to exchange email addresses, Twitter handles, whatever it is you kids do these days, this is a good space to do it.  If you want to refer us to a Trifecta post that you thought was amazing, please do.  If it's not yours, give attribution.  If it is yours, stand up and take credit for how amazing you are.

It has been a wild ride, and we have learned so much.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.