Monday, June 25, 2012

Trifecta: Week Thirty-Three

This post is going to be super long, so if it's okay with you, we're going to cut to the chase.

First place this week goes to Uneven Steven who blew us out of the water with this fantastic, creative creation:
the great chocolate
of babylon
and his oompaloompa horde
ride their psychedelic ships
to our harbor
and we are all
golden ticket
of redemption,
indentured servants
to his cause
Second place goes to R.L.W. at Snippets and Scraps for 1984.  Rats feeding on rats is an image that is always going to get the attention of your audience.  Third place goes to the always hilarious Linda Vernon who turned this challenge on its head by giving us a limerick response.  Excellent job to all of our winners and many thanks to all of you who took the time to retell your favorite book.

You didn't think we were going to let the 33rd Trifecta challenge pass us by without some kind of celebration, did you?

Okay, here are the rules, and it gets a little complicated, so listen up.  Today we are giving you THREE prompts, each with their own Inlinkz.  You can participate in all three challenges, if you like.  Or just one or two. But you can only submit one response per prompt, for a maximum total of three.

These challenges will be open until Thursday morning at 8 am Eastern at which time the Inlinkz will close and judging will begin.  We will not be commenting on your posts, but you can be assured that we will carefully read each one.

Friday morning at 8 am Eastern, we will post the winners (top three spots for each prompt, for a total of nine) from the first round of challenges.  Those winners will then be given a chance to compete against one another in a friendly Write Off that will open on Friday morning and close on Sunday evening.  Only the winners from Round One will participate in Round Two, though I hope that everyone else will chime in with encouragement and support for your fellow Trifectans.  Round Two will then be judged, and the winner of the tournament will be announced in our regular Monday post.

Writers can win more than one top spot in Round One if they submit to more than one prompt.  Each writer will be permitted as many entries into Round Two as places won in Round One.  For example, if John enters all three prompts in Round One and wins first place in the first prompt and third place in the third prompt, he can then submit TWO responses to Round Two.  Therefore, theoretically, you can improve your chances of winning by entering a submission for all three prompts.

The winner of the entire tournament will receive the product of their choice from our new Cafepress Trifecta Merchandise Shop: TriceraShops.  Please take a look through the shop and pass along the news of our grand opening.  Proceeds from the shop will go directly towards maintaining and growing Trifecta.  We think there's some pretty cool stuff, and we hope that the allure of winning the product of your choice is motivation to help you stretch your creative muscles further than ever.  We want you to write your tails off this week.

On to the prompts:

Prompt One:
Write a 33-333 word response to the following quote: “What I tell you three times is true.” by Lewis Carroll. You do not have to use the actual quote in your response, but you may if you wish.

Prompt Two:Write a 33-333 word response using the third definition of the following word:

score (noun)
1 a : twenty
   b : a group of 20 things
2 a : a line (as a scratch or incision) made with or as if with a sharp instrument
   b (1) : a mark used as a starting point or goal 

Please note that we need you to use the singular, noun form of the word.  Also, the word score must appear in your response.

Prompt Three:Write a 33-333 word response to the song featured below. There are no other requirements for this prompt. Just use the song to inspire a creative response.

Submissions will be judged holistically (i.e. without a formal rubric).  Judges are looking for creativity and originality, as well as a good command of the language.  Punctuation and grammatical errors can work against you, so be mindful of those as you proofread.

This sounds very formal, and I suppose it is.  But at the end of the day, what we want is for you to have fun writing.  Stretch yourself and give us your best.  And thank you for being a part of our community.


  1. You guys have outdone yourselves this time! It sounds like a fun challenge, but I imagine judging will be a nightmare, with the potential for triple the amount of reading.

  2. Holy cow! First of all, congrats on WEEK 33!! It's been fun playing along. Second, congrats on the new store opening. (off for a peek) Thirdly, (to stay with the theme) Good luck to all.

    thanks for the fun.

  3. Well done, Steven - your entry was BRILLIANT. Congrats to RLW and Linda Vernon as well.

    And of course: Happy 33rd, Trifecta! I see you've decided to challenge yourselves as well as us this time around.

  4. OH BOY!! You weren't kidding!! This is many goodies on that site that I surely wouldn't mind winning!! So fun...can't wait to write these and read you all!! Smiles!

    1. Ooops in all of the excitement I meant to say congrats on the toppers this week and happy 33rd!!

  5. Thank you, Trifecta, and happy 33rd. Congratulations to Uneven Steven and Linda Vernon.

  6. Thanks to everyone for all of your kind comments on my blog. I'm a bit floored by all of the emotion regarding my 33 words but I think a lot has to do with how ingrained wonka has become on our consciousness and the strong effect a story can have on our culture. I enjoy reading all of the great writers here on Trifecta and look forward to reading and responding to more challenges. Congratulations to RLW and Linda as well - both were great poems.

  7. This is such a cool way to celebrate your 33rd challenge. Ideas are swirling around in my mind so I'd better get busy!

    Also congratulations to Uneven Steven, R.L.W. and Linda Vernon for their impressive wins.

    Happy 33rd!

  8. Whew, I wrote something for all three ... and with only four hours to spare. :)

    Congrats to all the weekend winners. Great work, everyone.