Monday, March 11, 2013

Trifecta: Week Sixty-Eight

Ninety-eight entries!  The Trifecta editors are going to have to quit our day jobs or, at the very least, neglect our husbands and children if we continue at this pace every week.  This week was made even more difficult by the sheer number of ridiculously well-written entries.  We asked you to get serious and dig deep, and boy did that pay off.

Dunce Two knocked us flat with Potential, a lovely piece packed with emotion about the pleasures and pitfalls of having potential.
I taste you, potential,
like a stone lying on my tongue,
quenching thirst and fixation
(for a time).
But other possibilities
fill my pockets,
their gravity a comfort,
calling me towards the river.
Teala from Melt Into The Text takes second with Memories Become Nightmares, a powerful, chilling piece that shouldn't be missed.  Mark Windham completes the trifecta with Words on a Stone.  Mark has a talent for etching strong strokes on the page that evoke intense emotion and memories and this entry perfectly encapsulates that skill.

Congrats, winners.  Make sure to check out all of our winners; you'll really be missing something fantastic if you don't.  And be sure to hop over and check out latest Featured Trifectan.  The next one might be you.

We want to remind you once again that Trifecta doesn't change during Daylight Savings Time, so the challenges now go up at 10am EST and end at 8pm EST.  Check our Challenge Instructions page if you have any questions or feel free to holler at us.

On to the weekly prompt.

TIME (noun)

1a : the measured or measurable period during which an action, process, or condition exists or continues : duration
 b : a nonspatial continuum that is measured in terms of events which succeed one another from past through present to future
 c : leisure <time for reading>
2: the point or period when something occurs : occasion
3a : an appointed, fixed, or customary moment or hour for something to happen, begin, or end <arrived ahead of time>
b : an opportune or suitable moment <decided it was time to retire> —often used in the phrase about time <about time for a change>

Please remember:
  • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words. 
  • You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post. 
  • The word itself needs to be included in your response. 
  • You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above. 
  • Only one entry per writer. 
  • If your post doesn't meet our requirements, please leave your link in the comments section, not in the linkz.
  • Trifecta is open to everyone. Please join us. 
Good luck!


  1. "like a stone lying on my tongue"
    Holy cow. EXCELLENT, Dunce Two. Congratulations!
    To Mark and Teala, too. I've loved Mark's work for awhile now. Heading over the read Teala now. :)


  2. Having trouble accessing our countdown timer on the sidebar. I'll try again in the morning. Til then, check just below the blue frog up there to find out when the challenge closes. Thanks! G'nite!

  3. A special congratulations to Mark; I loved his piece.

  4. What an honor, especially with so many other great entries! Congratulations to Mark and Teala especially; both very moving pieces!

  5. Thank you so much for including my piece! Congrats to Dunce Two and Mark for amazing pieces as well!

  6. Congrats to the winners!
    So many entries, I maybe got through a third of them. (Mostly while I was supposed to be working.)
    Hmmm, time to think of something yo write...

  7. 98 entries!! I was hoping it would crack 100 in the last couple of hours. Ah, maybe next time (:

    The editors did an awesome job picking only three winners out of the multitude of amazing submissions.

    Now that my haircut is done, I think it's about time to figure out an entry for this week :D

  8. just got trifecta on facebook and was reminded about the gift shop - just bought a mug - trying to help keep their site afloat :-)

    1. You are awesome. Thank you, Steven. So far, all of our giveaways and such have come from our pockets. More money in the account means we can do more fun stuff. Thank you for your support.

  9. congrats - to trifecta for a record number of entries this challenge! and, to the writers of each of those entries - well done! and, to the winners of the challenge - bravo!!

  10. Hmmmm...this must be a popular hang-out! Congrat's to the winners, of course! I gotta get up on reading some more submissions this week. Will make the rounds later today now that my submission is posted...I therefore have no excuse :)

  11. Just found Trifecta, thought 'what the heck', and submitted a drabble to this week's theme and, boy, am I on edge. I can't wait for the results! Oh, and congratulations to the winners! It seems I have very skilled opponents :)

  12. All the winners were great... but Mark Windham's "Stone" poem blew me away. Truly great.

    Time took on real meaning for me today, as Hamid Karzai announced he thinks the US is "in bed" with the Taliban. So much for dependable puppet leaders. Hope you like what I wrote. PEACE, Amy

  13. This is my entry for Time by cell phone. My computer is down.

    Time Has Come Today
    Let us go out to play
    That is the only way
    That is better than religion Okay
    Okay is Okay and Okay is Okay

    The doomsayer will turn grey
    The enemy will continue to slay
    The Church will continue to pray
    The Governments will continue to stay
    For Time Has Come Today

    A friend yesterday is a friend today
    A friend in deed is a friend all the way
    Let us be friends today

    Childbirth is here to stay
    Children are a staple, joyful, and gay
    Children don't know anyother way
    My girlfriends' or wives lead the way
    For Time Has Come Today

    It is always today
    No matter what anyone might say
    Past, present, future it is the same day
    Time travel is the same day

    Some think how can I live a day
    They think of how they can stay
    Give it time and it is still the same day
    A past, present, or future day
    Travel in time it is the it is the same day
    Past, present, future it is the same way
    There is no direction but the same day

    Time doesn't matter to the planets stay
    Time is no concern to angels all way
    Time is no concern to life if they may
    Time is only a concern today
    Of those who lost their way
    When their time is and they can't stay

    Quality of life is thier main stay
    And they can't do it the same way
    Until that uneventful day
    When Time Has Come Today

    Because people have gone astray
    In time constraints they lost the way
    We can't throw our clocks away
    Controlled by time that is to stay

  14. hey guys! so very excited! my first time! do check mine out and leave in the comments what you actually feel about the piece!

  15. Congratulations to the deserving winners:-)Just flying by as am snowed under loads of work till next weekend.Managed to submit mine just now & hoping to have the pleasure of reading all the entries before Friday.So,till then,have a great week & see you all on your pages soon.Tc:-)

  16. I almost didn't make it this week, but then I was inspired... but not by something personally. Thank goodness.