Friday, July 26, 2013

Trifextra: Week Seventy-Eight

Welcome back, Trifectans!  We hope you had a good time sorting out the intricacies of the third definition of charm.  Some of you nailed it straight away, while lots of you strayed from the third definition.  It was fun to read all of your responses, but only those that used the word correctly will be eligible for the win.  As this was a community-judged challenge, the winners will be announced in the comments section of this post sometime later today and will be formally announced in the next challenge.

Summer is winding to a close for the Trifecta editors.  We have another week or so of travel ahead of us, and then it will finally be back to normal around here.  Thank you for bearing with us through these busy weeks, and a huge thanks to all of our guest judges who stepped in to shoulder the judging responsibilities.

On to this weekend's Trifextra challenge.  This weekend we are all about color here at Trifecta.

“I think it pisses God off if you walk by the color purple in a field somewhere and don't notice it.”
― Alice Walker, The Color Purple

“The sky is already purple; the first few stars have appeared, suddenly, as if someone had thrown a handful of silver across the edge of the world.”
― Alice Hoffman, Here on Earth

“When yellow lights struggle with blue shades in hairlike lines.”
― Thomas Hardy, Tess of the d'Urbervilles

We want you to follow suit and give us a thirty-three word piece that has a color in it.  Use the color to describe anything you like, or use anything you like to describe your color, but keep it creative and keep it short.

This weekend's challenge is community judged.
  • For the 14 hours following the close of the challenge, voting will be enabled on links.  
  • In order to vote, return to this post where stars will appear next to each link.  To vote, simply click the star that corresponds with your favorite post.
  • You can vote for your top three favorite posts.
  • Voting is open to everyone. 
  • You have 14 hours to vote.  It's not much time, so be diligent! We'll send out reminders on Twitter and Facebook.


  1. Good morning/afternoon/evening/night, Trifectans. Here are your winners for the past week's Trifecta challenge...

    First Place: Ivy at Mommy Dourest

    Second Place: Paper_Wizard

    Third Place: A three-way tie between ChrisWhiteWrites, JannaTWrites, and Mike Jackson.

    Congratulations to all of the winners, as well as to everyone who participated! We can't wait to read your colorful entries this weekend!

  2. Thanks everyone for your votes. It's an honour to be in such illustirous company.

  3. I just came back and read the comments, and was surprised to find my name in a tie for third. Thank you to everyone who read my piece, and also for those who voted.

    Congrats to Ivy and Paper Wizard - both were excellent pieces :)

  4. I don't know why but I never receive reminders to vote and while I have checked a few times I have never found the 'stars' in place which would enable me to vote.

    1. Roslyn, I hear you. I wonder if there is a way to send a mass email. The other concern is time zone. Your post is stamped 6:23PM. It's 6:27AM, for me on Eastern standard time. I'm on vacation so I had the luxury of checking regularly and voting hovered around 10% of the participants which is even less of the total number of members. Maybe the window for voting could be extended.

  5. Love the prompts and participation is high. I read a large volume of entries and comment to almost as many, but reciprocity is low. Is it summer or my work sucks? ;->

  6. Congratulations to all the winners!

  7. Hello again, Trifectans! We thought we’d take a few moments to address some concerns that have cropped up over voting. It seems every week we have new Trifectans cropping up in our challenges and that’s always a great thing, but because of that reason sometimes it’s good to have a refresher of how things are handled, particularly when it comes to our community-voted challenges. (And please forgive us if this comes across as a little long-winded!)

    First, a word on the concerns over comments and reciprocation (or rather, the lack thereof in some cases). It’s summer in many parts of the world right now, and that’s a busy season for many people for numerous reasons. It can put a strain on people’s free time, so if you’ve seen a slowdown in the number of comments or page-views on your blog, it could very well be the season’s fault.

    One thing that helps to spread word of your writing is to read and comment on other participants’ entries. They see your name, they’re more likely to remember you and stop by. Oftentimes, leaving a comment also provides an opportunity to leave a link to your own blog. Many comment forms offer a “website” line under the email and username lines. So long as you’re respectful and don’t spam every entry with a blatant “read my blog” plea, there’s nothing wrong with leaving a link.

    There is no requirement that says you must read and comment on every entry, or even just one. We encourage it, of course, especially for the “late linkers” who are unable (for various reasons) to submit an entry until close to the link-up closing time. This same goes true for voting. It is encouraged and we want you to vote to keep things interesting. Are we going to kick you out of future challenges for failing to vote or comment? No, of course not. Does commenting on every entry and voting every time get you special favor when it comes to the judges’ time to vote? No, because that wouldn’t be fair. We judge on the quality of the writing and how well it works with the given prompt. There are no “teacher’s pets” here as we aim to provide a safe, friendly, and fair community for writers.

    But that community is only as strong as its members, so we’ll say it again: We encourage you to read, comment, and when necessary, vote as much as you’re able. Share your stories, poems, and ramblings with others and through your own social media outlets, and you’ll no doubt receive a response in turn. (And if you tweet your blog post link with a mention to @trifectawriting we’ll always re-tweet it!)

    (continued below)

    1. (continued from above)

      Now for the technical part of the community-voting; namely, the time frame. Newer Trifectans may not know this, but a few months ago the voting time allowed for community-voted challenges was extended from twelve hours to fourteen hours. The voting now spans the entire time between the close of the challenge to the start of the next, so there’s no time to confirm winners and write up a brand new post with proper links before the new post must go up. It’s for that reason that the winners of these challenges are now listed in the comments first before receiving proper credit with nice links and the like in a later “official” post. If we start to delay the announcement in favor of a proper post right away, it will just snowball into longer and longer delays.

      So, fourteen hours. Trifecta’s clock is synced to Hong Kong time, also called HKT. Convert from HKT to your own time zone with any given time zone converter available online or in a book and you can figure out your available time frame for voting. For example, in EST voting runs from 8pm Sunday to 10am Monday—a twelve-hour difference from HKT.

      If you’re still in doubt, there is a countdown clock available on Trifecta’s site. It counts down the time left in the challenge. Once that clock reaches zero, voting is open. The next fourteen hours are counted down in a small line of text at the bottom of the entries’ thumbnails. (It’s not an active clock like Trifecta’s, so you’ll need to refresh the page to get the most up-to-date remaining time.) Along with those clocks, we always send out reminders through Facebook and Twitter about the voting. We try to send out several, at the very least one at the beginning and towards the end, so be on the lookout for those! We also remind our participants to return for voting when we leave comments on their blogs. If we ever fail to leave you a comment as Trifecta editors, please remember that the only reason that would happen is due to sudden shifts in plans, emergencies, or technical difficulties on our own part or the blog’s (which is another reason why you should always double-check your link works after posting it to Trifecta!).

      One last thing and then we’ll leave you to catch your breath: Visible votes are not the norm. To keep things fair and respectful, we do not show how many votes each entry receives. If this happens, it is a technical defect only and we always strive to fix it as soon as possible when we learn of it. If you see visible vote numbers, or if you are having any difficulties registering your vote, please inform us immediately through email, facebook, or twitter and we will help you as soon as we can. Our response time varies but it is almost always within a few hours, or eight at most if we happen to be sleeping. (Hey, we’re human too!) We want to keep things fair and running smoothly, so your help in this matter is appreciated! And any percentages calculated from votes shouldn’t be taken to heart. As stated, it’s a busy time of the year for many so that is likely a cause. Share your work with your friends and family, encourage new participants, and as the community grows so too shall the participation in voting and commenting!

      Thank you for reading! Sorry again for bending your ear for so long. We hope this has been informative, and if you have any more questions or concerns, please forward them to us!

    2. Trifecta editors,

      I raised the concerns publicly, one because I'm old and ornery. Seriously, as a newbie, I don't have any alliances or popularity to lose. I am passionate about membership and community. I confess I can be a little rough around the edges but I assure you, when I show up, I commit. I respect and like what you do here. Thanks for the thorough and considerate response.

  8. If I have to work hard with Captcha to comment on your posts I won't be commenting. Those using Captcha need to rethink. Probably missing lots of comments. Your missing mine.

    1. Debra,
      I'm with you. I often respond from my Kindle and I swear, every time I have to jump through a hoop to comment, I lose the comment and I'm not going to go through the exercise a second time. An easier option is simply to employ comment moderation if you're trying to derail spam.

    2. I hear you, Debra and LaTonya. I use moderation. much easier for the commenter.

    3. exactly. Frankly, I'll take a bit of spam if it means more readers are inclined to comment. Blogger is really good about spam detection. I have no complaints. When a reader comments anonymously, the comment automatically comes to my email for approval.

    4. LaTonya,
      I have noticed that I can't cleave a comment on a blogger blog from my smart phone or tablet while I can on a wordpress blog. Very weird and unpractical when away from home.

    5. Of course, I meant 'leave a comment'.

    6. Bummer. Like you, I often comment away from home. Not sure if I can change settings for that.

  9. So, I've noticed the last two weeks, the numbering system for linked writing up above is out of whack. I don't suppose it matters much, just harder to keep track of whom I visit.

  10. I'm not seeing the stars for voting. Am I too late?

    1. Never mind! I see now that voting hasn't even started yet. Oops. Too eager for my own good.

  11. Oh my goodness! I've been at Disney World for the past few days, so I'm just seeing this. (My upcoming trip was what inspired me to write about the cutthroat world of Disney characters.)

    What an honor! Thank you everyone who voted for my entry. It's nice to know my warped humor is appreciated from time to time. ;)

    Congrats to Paper_Wizard, Chris, Janna and Mike!